Insurance Services

We can provide insurance packages that are tailored for different types of properties, whether it is your company’s assets, building, equipment, inventory, cargo or vehicles. We provide insurance services to protect your financial losses or damages due to unexpected accidental events. In addition, we can also provide life insurance, health insurance and travel insurance for your employees, your family and yourself thought our trusted insurance companies in Myanmar.

  • Fire Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Cargo Insurance

Applicable insurance services


Fire Insurance pays compensation for the losses and damages of properties due to accidental fire, fire extent from other sources, fire by lightning, gas explosion by domestic use, losses of properties caused by fire-fighting, damage to properties while being removed to protect extent of fire, damages to roof, floor and walls because of the fall caused by fire, and loss of or damage to the properties removed from and placed outside the burning building occasioned by rain or bad weather. In under fire insurance, we can provide cover for loss and damage due to acts of god like such as storms, flood, landslide and earthquake fire.


Comprehensive Motor Insurance pays compensation for the losses and damages of our vehicles and other’s and third party liabilities (peoples and properties) due to the accidental events of Collision, damage by fire, lightning, strike, riot and civil commotion.  Under Comprehensive Motors Insurance, you can buy cover for thief, windscreen, acts of god and war risk as add –on covers.


Group Life Insurance pays benefits for accidental bodily injury, total disability and death arising out in workplace for your employees.


Travel Insurance pays benefits for accidental bodily injury, total disablement and dead benefits for the passengers who travel inbound and outbound trips in along the journey. The passenger can buy insurance with trip types (inbound or outbound) and duration of the trip (e.g., 1 week up to 3 months).


Health Insurance pays compensation for the cost of hospitalization by diseases, accidents, operation and death benefits due to accident and diseases.


Personal Accident Insurance pays benefits for bodily injury, total disablement and death resulting from the accidental events.


Cargo Insurance pays compensations for losses and damages to the Cargo due to accidental events while carrying one place to another by vessels and conveyances.

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